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Serenity Massage P.L.L.C. is among a very small group of companies that have won the Best of Kingwood Award for three consecutive years. This has awarded Serenity Massage P.L.L.C. with the distinguished 2016 Kingwood Business Hall of Fame Award. ​

Serenity Massage P.L.L.C.

MS 1049

Team Member's Bios


Jena Massie: Owner, Director

Licensed Massage Therapist Since December of 2002 #MT034729 

Massage Instructor Since 2007 #MI1663 

Continuing Education Provider Since 2009  #CE1461 

Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist Since 2010

Licensed Massage Establishment #ME 2580

Graduate of the University of Houston Downtown Since 2013

Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration with a major in Finance

Director of Massage Therapy Educational Institute #MS 1049 Since 2014

Previous Experience:

Licensed Massage Therapist Since December of 2002, Massage Instructor Since 2007, Continuing Education Provider Since 2009, Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist Since 2010, Massage Establishment Business Owner Since 2012, Graduate of the University of Houston Downtown with a Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration with a major in Finance Since 2013. Director of Massage Therapy Educational Institute since July 2014. 


Our philosophy is to provide therapeutic massage therapy to improve the health and well-being of our clients, to provide continuing education courses for Licensed Massage Therapists to improve their understanding of bodywork, and to share our knowledge of the massage therapy field with students interested in starting a new career.

Why I Choose Massage:

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist because I enjoy the satisfaction that I receive after significantly reducing a client's pain level, while increasing their range of motion, and helping them escape from the stresses of reality. I have completed over 25,000 hours of Therapeutic Massages since my licensure. I specialize in a combination of Deep-Tissue and Neuro-muscular Therapy. I practice massage on a range of clients that have sedentary business life-styles to professional athletes to help prevent injuries through body maintenance with regularly scheduled massage appointments.

I am a Massage Instructor because I personally enjoy the challenges of teaching others how to help clients feel better through an understanding of the structure and functions of the body's systems. I have over 12,000 hours of classroom experience teaching the state required course to become a Licensed Massage Therapist and helping Licensed Massage Therapists complete their continuing education requirements to renew their licenses.

Darlene B.- I have been a therapist since June of 2001. I do mostly Deep-Tissue massage, with a mix of Trigger-Point and Reflexology. I do massage to help people feel better and have a better quality of life. I enjoy helping people. #MT028955

Ashley E.- I’ve been massaging since April of 2006. I specialize in Deep-Tissue and Trigger-Point. However, I do Swedish Massage as well. I am a Massage Instructor who specializes in training students about the different modalities or types of massage therapy you need to be successful. I will devote all my energy to helping you and getting your body to the place it needs to be. I look forward to starting our massage plan. #MT102058

Tienna C.-  I am an accountant and receptionist at Serenity Massage P.L.L.C. I am very excited about our new massage establishment. We have a very well experienced, versatile, friendly staff.

Elkin C.- I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since September 2012. My specialties are Swedish massage, Deep-Tissue, Sports massage, and Thai Massage. I enjoy studying about human Anatomy and Physiology to improve my massage techniques. Thanks to my studies and dedication to the internal aspects of martial arts I hope to excel as a therapist and provide the best massage experience every time. #MT116663

Michelle H.- I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since September of 2011. I am certified in a variety of modalities including Swedish massage, Deep-Tissue massage, Hot Stone massage, and Trigger-Point massage. I am most well-known for my Therapeutic massages with deep-tissue massage techniques. I enjoy the satisfied look on my client's face as they leave the massage room with improved mobility and reduced pain. MT#114004

Tracie J.I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2007.  I specialize in deep tissue, trigger point, sports massage and migraine massage. I have worked on a wide range of clients from sedentary lifestyles to athletes and I thoroughly enjoy helping all of them.  I believe in adding Swedish relaxation to most of my massages as well. Relaxing the mind and body are just as important as correcting muscle imbalances and I find it very satisfying to be able to help clients not only alleviate pain and improve their body function and mobility but also relieve their tension and stress. As a migraine sufferer and insomniac, I found massage therapy as a lifesaver and I love to open clients up to a new way of bringing their bodies into balance.

I am now beginning a new journey as Licensed Massage Instructor and CE provider at Serenity. I look forward to helping other Massage therapists and potential Massage therapists reach their goals by providing as much knowledge as I can for them to be successful and grow.  I hope to help them develop their own passion for helping others and am excited to see them begin their own journeys. MT#104238 & MI#3181

Dan B. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1991. My specialties are: Swedish Massage, Deep-Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release and Trigger-Point Therapy. I’m also certified in Cellulite Massage and Sports Massage. I like to conform my massage to fit the client’s needs. All my work is designed to help my client through their physical needs such as sore muscles, tension, stress and related pain. Whether you need to just relax from the everyday stress or if you have more specific needs, I offer a variety of massage styles. With many years of experience in massage and bodywork, I can determine what a client needs to feel thoroughly better after every session. I have been a massage therapist for 25 years and can provide a variety of techniques for your specific needs. My techniques provide both pain management and soothing relief to sore and tense muscles. LMT# 005132

Grace F.I graduated high school a year early motivated to start working. Becoming a Licensed Aesthetician is my ultimate goal. I plan on going back to school for esthetics in the spring of 2017 as well as completing the massage school here at Serenity.  I’m always excited and determined to learn new things and experience new events in life. I enjoy reading and making art in my free time. I’m passionate about helping others and being the best person I can be as well as motivating others to be their best. I’m very happy to be here at Serenity Massage because it has opened up new and amazing opportunities for me.  I very much enjoy my team members who have been so kind and welcomed me to the Serenity family.

Mary Alice D.I am officially a Licensed Massage Therapy and working with Serenity Massage P.L.L.C. not only to provide massage and spa services, but also the new Marketing Assistant! I have some wonderful ideas to help spread the word about all the amazing services we offer and the extraordinary team that provides them. I have a passion for providing lymphatic drainage massage, sports massage, and therapeutic pain-management massage. I have been a realtor for years and continue to focus on my education and new career in the field of massage therapy. I am currently available to take appointments during the day and some evenings during the week if you need to come in for a massage after work and before drifting away into a night full of deep sleep. Call now to request an appointment! LMT #124630

Jacy M.I graduated from our Advanced Massage Therapy Course of 650 Hours and successfully passed the national exam to become a Licensed Professional. I am a highly-talented, eager, and motivated new team member. Her drive and dedication is what has awarded her a position at Serenity Massage P.L.L.C and we are happy to have her choose our team to start her profession. She is only the second student that has been offered a Licensed Massage Therapist position from the many amazing graduates of our school! Please show her a warm welcome to her newly earned career. Jacy specializes in Deep-Tissue and Therapeutic Massages. If you need tension or knots massaged out of your tired and aching muscles then Jacy is the therapist to choose. LMT # 125188

Savannah J. I moved to Kingwood from San Antonio with my parents and my older sister when I was young. I'm currently a Junior at Kingwood High School. I play on the basketball team and I'm also apart of an organization called Best Buddies. I like to socialize and interact with people. I started working as a receptionist for Serenity Massage in April, so I've been working here for about 5 months now and I love it! 

I would say that I'm very energetic, talkative, and personable which helps me be a successful receptionist. I am able to joke around and add laughter to the group, but also be serious when needed to be. I am a perfectionist, dedicated, and hardworking when it comes to things I have to complete. 

Claudia P.-  After living overseas for more than 12 years, I moved back to Kingwood 6 years ago.  My background is Fitness and Marketing.  I’m a very social person and enjoy meeting new people.  I’ve always been passionate about Health, Wellness and Beauty.  I’ve work as a spa coordinator for businesses in the area and now I’m really excited to bring new ideas to Serenity Massage P.L.L.C.  I’m Certified in different Fitness Formats, as well as Body Contour with Radio Frequency and Airbrush Tanning with first hand knowledge of the services and skills that it takes to make your spa experience a complete success.  My warm and welcoming disposition will make you feel right at home the moment you walk in our door. Claudia is our new Spa Coordinator who will be managing the daily functioning of the spa and marketing our multitude of services to clients everywhere. 





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